VRS167 – A Year In The Making with Sherene McLellan

It was a long-time goal for Utah resident, Sherene and her husband John. One day they would buy a vacation rental property and from the get-go they wanted it to be a professional business. No short cuts for these guys.

They looked at different places in their beautiful state and finally settled on Kanab – a small town in the heart of Canyon country. Although tourism had come big time to Moab, it was only when Microsoft chose a local landmark as their backdrop to Windows, that little Kanab was propelled onto the international stage, and Sherene and John found their location.

And so Western Star Bungalow was born. From base beginnings, they refurbished the property with their target guests in mind and created a gorgeous old-movie themed home, to the extent that even their Welcome Book has been prepared in the guise of a screenplay!

Sherene has been on a quest for learning that has resulted in enticing listings with great text and appealing photos that have already yielded 24 bookings in a few short months. And, at the time we spoke she was just days away from her first guests arriving.

In this episode, Sherene shares how they decided upon a property that needed renovation instead of going for a turnkey condo, which she says would have been so much easier. But not as much fun.

She also talks about:

  • The history of Kanab and its surroundings & why it makes a great destination
  • Why she chose to be pet-friendly
  • Their choice of creating two en-suite master bedrooms
  • Bathroom beauty and how an old log became a bathroom vanity
  • The most challenging aspects of starting up a vacation rental business
  • Why finding a caretaker was more important than finding the property
  • The tools she is using to manage the house from a distance
  • The best piece of advice she was given by another VR professional
  • Which platform has brought nearly 70% of the early bookings & why that was a surprise

And much more…..

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