VRS096 – Regaining Control of Your Vacation Rental Business with Vince Perez

I met Vince Perez in San Diego at the 2014 VRMA conference and was immediately taken with his passion and enthusiasm for the vacation rental industry and particularly some of his ideas for bringing control back to owners and managers.

Since he is also a speaker at this year's Vacation Rental World Summit, it was a great opportunity to ask him what he’s been doing in the year since we met, and how the changes we are seeing in the business have impacted the development of those ideas.

In the episode Vince talks about:

  • How his experience in the hotel industry has added to his perspective on vacation rentals
  • His thoughts on the recent issues with Trip Advisor and the direction this might take
  • OTAs and the elephant in the room
  • The value of networking and how this will ultimately be the key to regaining control
  • His new product – Fetch My Guest

Links and sites mentioned in this episode:

The Elephant In The Room
Vacation Rental World Summit

Where you can find Vince: