VRS036 – The Vacation Rental French Connection with Tansy Forster

Take 4 vacation rentals, numerous dogs, cats, chickens, sheep, goats, ducks and a llama, and a passion for hospitality, and you have the dynamo that is Tansy Forster, the owner of multiple properties in Normandy, France. Since 2001, when Tansy and her husband, former royal photographer Mike Forster, jumped the channel to make their home (or homes) on the coast of France, they have worked with enthusiasm and energy to create the sort of vacation rentals we should all aspire to.

I’ve been following Tansy’s progress for many years and have learnt a lot from her approach to the vacation rental business that is rooted in her experience of hotel management. We talk about the importance of professionalism in all aspects of the business, explore topics such as concierge services and cultural expectations, and the two major tips Tansy shares with anyone new to the business.

tweet@fermedeleglise talks with @cottageguru about her amazing #vacationrentals in #normandy #france. Listen here

In the interview we discuss:

  • The importance of knowing your target market
  • Challenges with listing sites
  • Marketing strategies that work and those than don’t
  • The one thing Tansy does after her guests leave, that consistently delivers great reviews
  • How to manage multiple properties
  • Sharing local knowledge
  • Why Tansy believes offering hotel quality service is good for the business
  • How her new property was fully booked before the renovations were even finished

If you are interested in how to take a property that has not been renovated since the 1940s to a rental-ready state in four months – and get it fully booked, make sure you check out the links below.

Tansy’s blog – scroll down for the Band of Brothers ‘before’ photos then check the ‘after reno’ images on the Facebook album

For more information about Tansy and her properties you can visit her blog above or check out these social media links as well:

Website – Normandy Beach Rental
Twitter – @fermedeleglise
Facebook – Normandy Beach Rental
Pinterest – Normandy Beaches