VRS004 – Vacation Rental Success Story with Lisa Sedore of Sunshine Villa Orlando

This week’s guest thought she was pushing the envelope in setting a goal of 24 weeks of rental in the first year (the industry standard in her area is 17).  The property was rented for 48 weeks!

In this episode we hear from Lisa Sedore –  a Canadian who has made a huge success of renting out her Orlando, Florida villa, bought in 2010.  Through using sound business and marketing strategies she’s achieved what many owners aspire to after several years, and is now forging ahead to help others promote and rent their Orlando properties.

  • Implications of cross-border buying

Buying a property in another country could bring all sorts of challenges but if you prepare well beforehand, talk to the right people and do your research thoroughly, there is no reason why it shouldn’t go smoothly.  Lisa offers some tips on getting the homework done before taking that final step and parting with the money.

  • Setting up and preparing for rental

When I bought my first property in Ontario while we were still living in UK, it was a costly process to get it set up and ready for rental.  Once you have included the travelling and accommodation costs into the mix, the costs really add up.  Lisa took a different approach which saved money, stress and delivered a great product to her guests without the effort of making all the trips I did.

  • Getting bookings

This is where it gets really interesting as Lisa shares her marketing model that brought her 48 weeks of rental in the first year of owning the property.

And much more…….

Links to sites discussed in this episode:

Sunshine Villa, Orlando

The Pink Flamingo – site of Erica Muller the realtor that Lisa worked with to find the property

Villa Video – Nearly 3500 YouTube hits makes this a great marketing tool

Video of reviews – this is a nice way  of showcasing guest feedback

SOS Emergency Response Technologies – great presentation from this company at the FOCA meeting

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