VRS002 – Getting Started in Vacation Rental with Mike Bayer

In this episode of the Vacation Rental Success podcast my son, Mike Bayer, shares his experience of buying and setting up his Lake Ontario cottage for rental, and what he has learned in the first 18 months of business.

Mike has  been involved in vacation rentals for over ten years, from running a property management and maintenance business in Ontario's Cottage Country to his role as Account Manager in one of the province's leading rental agencies.  His new company, Vacation Rental Ready, is the result of all this experience and brings many different aspects of professional rental under one roof, from tips on videography and photography to construction and consultancy.

In the intro to the show I share my thoughts on the changing nature of our industry as the rental demographic has altered radically.  We've moved from those who used to go camping and saw holiday rentals as a step up, to hotel and resort visitors who now expect the same standards in amenities and facilities in their vacation home.

More specifically you'll find out:

  • The most important considerations when buying an investment home
  • What simple amenities really make a difference
  • Why it's so important to be guest focused and provide excellent customer service
  • Why we need to understand the new demographic
  • Mike's five tips for creating great videos to capture interest

Plus a whole lot more…………..

Items mentioned in the podcast include

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Damien Collot

Hi Heather, 
Another great podcast. I thing which I think could greatly improve the experience of your suscribers, I do not know if you would be in for it. But if you could provide a written version of your podcast that would be a really great thing to have, so as to be able to go look back easily into some interesting points of your podcasts. Maybe not straight away, for example you could provide the transcript 3 weeks after.. I don’t know, I would let  you choose the timing. If other suscribers could pitch in to see what they think about the transcript idea that would be  great .


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