Hotel supplies curated specifically for VR hosts and managers

We’re here to help hosts elevate the guest experience!

VR Supplies was deliberately built to support property owners and managers. We work hard to provide a quality line up of tried and tested commercial hospitality products at a fair price. All from one warehouse and delivered in one shipment. Whether you’re in Tofino British Columbia or Key West Florida we have the experience shipping throughout Canada and the continental USA. 

Save precious time while provisioning your property with a fresh look. Our consistent supply of products are sold in small quantities, sheets for example are sold piecemeal allowing for effortless replenishment year after year. These durable products are purposely designed for ease of management and quick turn-over, once again saving your cleaners from wasting hours upon hours. VR Supplies helps you add to your bottom line.

VR Supplies owner Lynne Arbuthnot and her client Teasha Curren from Redwood Bungalow join Heather Bayer to talk about the platform and how VR Supplies can elevate your rental business

Not just linens!

Enjoy browsing our easy-to-navigate one-stop-shop and experience a wide variety of items. Items that tend to either wear out and get unsightly such as a cutting board or tea towel to items that break or mysteriously disappear such as wine glasses or knives. 


With thousands of sheets on the market. Where do you start? VR Supplies offers tried and tested linens for quick turn-over and ease of replenishment at a fair price.


From plush durable well priced hotel towels through to high end bath amenities. We’re always thinking about the “Micro-Hotelier”


Stay stocked and clean! From cutting boards to missing steak knives. We keep your property well provisioned at all times.


Ever wonder how to buy one use detergents? VR Supplies does its best to think of all your guests needs. We’ve got you covered!

It's Time To Give Your Place An Upgrade

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Supplying hotel quality products to vacation property owners. One room at a time!

One shipment, one source, all from our one specialized supplier...