VRS286 – Tyann’s Take – A Glimpse into the Workflow of a Vacation Rental Superstar

If you are looking for some independence from the listing sites, you need to make it worth your guests’ time to find you. Having a personalized approach that will be commented upon, shared and well-reviewed is the key to moving guests away from the sterile instant-book ‘relationship’ forced on us by the OTA’s. And Tyann Marcink is the doyen of personalization in our vacation rental space.

A veteran of over a decade as a vacation rental owner with multiple properties in diverse locations, Tyann has perfected the art of making her guests feel special. Her guests don’t hear the sounds of crickets in the space between booking and arrival on vacation. They get postcards through the mail telling them about her favorite hiking trails.

If they share even the smallest amount of information, she’ll pick up on it and create some way of making them feel welcomed by referencing it. The upshot of this is happy guests who want to share their joy with their friends, relatives, workmates…in fact everyone who is willing to listen. They become ambassadors for the brand.

In this episode Tyann shares some of her investment strategies, methods of extracting information from guests, and some tips for personalizing the whole experience. She gives us a ringside seat to her workflow.

You’ll hear:

  • How investing in a depressed community with a 200 yr history can be welcomed by guests and township alike.
  • How a little research in what’s around the area can go a long way to boost occupancy.
  • Why proximity to a dog food company offers a year-round advantage.
  • What resources Tyann uses to streamline her workflow
  • Why she calls every guest within an hour of arrival.


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