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A Complete Guide To Mastering Vacation Rental Reviews

A decade ago, travellers chose their vacation rental based on the owner's description and the photos on the listing.  

If that was enough to capture their attention, it was often enough to spur their decision.

Now the review is king. Securing those inspiring reviews is more than just the icing on the cake. Its the giant neon sign over the cake saying 'Book Now'!

My first job was in customer service.  I was 17.

I worked for a company called Dornay Foods in Norfolk, UK, a Mars company that was the UKs largest potato processor, and produced Wondermash - instant mashed potato.

There was a way to prepare the stuff that could actually make it palatable, but it was easy to mess up if you didn't read the instructions.

And of course....nobody read them. 

My job was to open the letters of complaint (yes, customers did write letters about instant mash back in the 1970s), and craft replies politely suggesting they follow the cooking guidelines. 

We'd then send a nice package of Mars products to make them feel better about their poor potato preparation skills.

Then I spent several years at Reader's Digest in their customer service department before moving into managing the training division. 

We had stock responses for many of the queries and complaints, mostly to do with subscription fulfilment, automatic payments and the ways RD pioneered direct marketing.

These jobs were challenging but we didn't have to deal with reviews, because there was no internet least not as we know it now.

Reputation was built on word-of-mouth referrals, letters to the editor, and the occasional radio comment by an anchor.

Today, the goal is still the same - to retain the client, because getting a new one costs far more than keeping an existing customer.

In our business today, it's just as important, but we are faced with an added challenge - the live review.

Why Reviews Are So Important

It's been well over a decade since Flipkey launched its Guest Review Service, allowing verified guests to leave a live review.  

It was so unwelcome at first.

The idea of having guests leave a live review that couldn't be vetted was something many owners couldn't cope with and it resulted in them leaving the business altogether.

There was a huge outcry.

And then it became the norm.  

Why Guests Complain

It's pretty straightforward ...

  • Property doesn't meet expectations (SNAD)
  • Property isn't clean
  • Beds are uncomfortable
  • Failed amenities
  • Frustration with technology
  • Slow reaction to problems
  • Outside influences impact enjoyment - weather/algae/construction/bugs

That list is just for starters - have a think about what your guests could possibly complain about because if you can come up with more circumstance, they can too!

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