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Buying a Vacation Home with Confidence to Succeed

Orlando based realtor and vacation rental specialist, Erica Muller, is a powerhouse in the Florida real estate market.  I wanted to find out what makes this dynamic mom the go-to person for vacation rental real estate.

5 Things Your Cottage Buyers Need To Know If They Want to Rent

It’s so important to be able to present your buyers with appropriate and comprehensive detail so they can make informed decisions on the their investment purchase.

Having this information to hand will also stand you out from the bulk of your competitors – something we all want to achieve.

Here’s five basic pieces of information that will position you as a cottage rental sales expert.

How to Invest Wisely in Vacation Rental Property

Buying a vacation home has become far less of an emotional journey for many new owners, and more of a carefully balanced investment.

With the rise in popularity of vacation rentals, the plan to rent out a second home when it is not in family use has become part of the overall purchase strategy for investors.

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