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VRS299 – Born Into The Vacation Rental Business with Jodi Taylor Refosco

When you are born to parents who run a vacation rental business and your first real job is cleaning hot tubs in rentals you are likely to learn a lot about the industry from the ground up. Having that sort of experience is what prompted Jodi Taylor Refosco to launch Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & […]


VRS202 – Survival of the Fittest With Steve Milo Of Vacation Rental Pros

In 2006, Steve Milo of Vacation Rental Pros had 15 properties under management and a lot of ambition to grow his company. By 2015 when I interviewed him last on VRS094, VRPs inventory had increased to just over 900. In this episode, Steve describes how that number has doubled in the past two years with […]


VRS196 – Vacation Rental Insurance Explained with Darren Pettyjohn

Insurance may not seem the most exciting of topics but it is one that impacts every single one of us, whether it’s a single condo or multiple properties. The moment we exchange our property (or a part of it) for money, we are in business, and that brings with it all manner of risks. In […]


VRS134 – Filling a Unique Niche in Vacation Rentals with Dianne Denton

It’s always a pleasure to talk to owners about their properties, and even more so when they are as unique as Dianne Denton’s Sea Horse Diamond Beach Cottage. Not only is this a gorgeous property, with a swimming pool and a short walk from the beach, which would be an attraction for anyone, but it’s […]


VRS091 – Eric Mason From Vacation Rental Professionals Group

Today’s guest is a vacation rental industry professional in the widest sense. Having honed his skills with some of the biggest names in the business, Eric Mason brings all his multi-faceted skills to the industry and is impacting it in many ways, from advising dynamic start-ups to moderating the largest LinkedIn group in the vacation […]


VRS081 – How Millennials Book Vacation Rentals with Matt Landau

In a week where we have dealt with hundreds of requests from groups of people in their 20’s and early 30’s, looking to book larger properties from our inventory, it was timely to read Matt Landau’s latest post on the Vacation Rental Marketing blog. He has recently returned from a trip he took with 3 […]

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