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Why Your Vacation Rental Business Needs a Strategic and Operational Plan

There’s an easy way to look at the business of running a vacation rental property. “The moment you start taking money from travelers in return for accommodation you have become a provider to the tourism economy.” This is no small responsibility, as a breakdown in any of the systems that contribute to the traveler having […]


Short-Term Rental: 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Invest

As the short-term rental industry grows, demand continues to increase. This is now making investment in short-term rental property a more attractive prospect. It might be part of a retirement plan; an opportunity to pursue a digital, location independent life, or to achieve a family goal to own a second home. Buying a vacation property […]


VRS079 – Vacation Rental Tax Talk with Hot Spot Founder Rob Stephens

Do you find your vacation rental taxes confusing? Would it help to have a little help with licensing and remitting the appropriate taxes? For us up here in the frozen north (not so frozen now since spring and humidity have arrived ) we are in a fortunate situation. We don’t pay tax on our vacation […]