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VRS233 – Co-Hosting and Master Leasing with Anna Rawlins of Airbnb Investor Style

Traditionally, a vacation rental homeowner wanting to move into property management would follow a route that meant investing in expensive software, learning email automation systems and multi-tasking like crazy. Then along came Airbnb with new terms like co-hosting, master leasing and rental arbitrage. Airbnb has recognized that not everyone wants to be standing at the […]


VRS228 – Optimizing Your Airbnb with Danny Rusteen

Are you a vacation rental owner or a host? Do you own a vacation rental or an STR property? Many people will think these are odd questions – after all, aren’t they all the same thing? But, the terminology you use can define whether you primarily market with what have become known as the ‘traditional’ […]


Do-It-Yourself Short-Term Vacation Rental Management

It’s a lot easier to self-manage a vacation home than it was 10 years ago. Online vacation rental companies like Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO make it less time-consuming by taking care of the processes that used to be manual. Updating calendars, managing rate tables, altering text, and uploading photos can be done with minimal effort. […]


VRS227 – The Short-Term Rental Direct Booking Disruptor with Joe Godar

It’s been a couple of months since #BookDirect Day, and the momentum is still high. More and more regional sites are being launched, and I see the results of owners creating their own websites and throwing off the OTA bonds. And they are seeing success. We also heard from Amy Hinote in an excellent blog […]