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VRS167 – A Year In The Making with Sherene McLellan

It was a long-time goal for Utah resident, Sherene and her husband John. One day they would buy a vacation rental property and from the get-go they wanted it to be a professional business. No short cuts for these guys. They looked at different places in their beautiful state and finally settled on Kanab – […]


VRS153 – 20 Common Vacation Rental Questions Answered

I get questions every day from new owners (and sometimes not so new) about things they are doing. Should I do this, supply that, charge for a service or amenity etc. Forums and Facebook groups abound with similar questions, so I thought it would be useful to address some of the most common ones here. […]


VRS152 – Vacation Rental Managers Association Conference Review

Over the course of a year, I’ll talk to hundreds of influential vacation rental professionals from owners and managers to technology product developers, insurers, web designers and other providers to the industry. And talking over Skype or on the phone is great but nothing beats the face-to-face connection that a good conference brings.