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VRS168 – The French Connection with Vacation Rentals in Nice and Paris

Many vacation rental owners manage their properties from a distance but most have just one, or a few in one location. Ralph Morehouse owns an apartment in Paris, one in Nice, and manages three others. All from his home base in Houston, Texas, which goes to show you can do this business from anywhere as […]


VRS167 – A Year In The Making with Sherene McLellan

It was a long-time goal for Utah resident, Sherene and her husband John. One day they would buy a vacation rental property and from the get-go they wanted it to be a professional business. No short cuts for these guys. They looked at different places in their beautiful state and finally settled on Kanab – […]


VRS131 – Remote Vacation Rental Hosting with Alex Nigg & Tammi Sims

I had the great pleasure of meeting Alex and Tammi at the Vacation Rental Success Summit in Toronto last month, and although I wasn’t able to attend their workshop, I heard it was a resounding success. Since they had already delivered a presentation to a packed house at the Airbnb Summit in Paris, we knew […]


VRS118 – Successful Owner Series – Dean Curtis

I love to talk to owners who have been so successful with their vacation rental business, that it grows beyond one property, and sets them on a path they hadn’t envisaged at the start. That is the case with my guest on this episode. Dean Curtis and his wife (who is a realtor) wanted to […]