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Vacation Rental Marketing: Using Personas to Help Increase Your Bookings

The key to any successful marketing campaign is to know who you are targeting. This is no exception when you are building a vacation rental marketing strategy. The first step is to develop the persona or avatar who will be the focus of your marketing efforts. Let’s start with how they are used. How Advertisers […]


Short-Term Rental: 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Invest

As the short-term rental industry grows, demand continues to increase. This is now making investment in short-term rental property a more attractive prospect. It might be part of a retirement plan; an opportunity to pursue a digital, location independent life, or to achieve a family goal to own a second home. Buying a vacation property […]


10 Keys To Vacation Rental Success

Vacation home owners are facing challenges if they need to sell. Many are turning to rental as an alternative to having a property on the listings for many months. There are a large number of owners choosing this route because they have either tried selling, or are not prepared to lower their asking price and […]


VRS192 – 10 Sure-fire Ways to Upset Your Guests at Check In

In this solo episode I’m getting back to some basics as I talk about the first 30 minutes your guests experience at your property, and why that is so important to the overall enjoyment of their vacation and to the review they subsequently may write. There is a magic that accompanies arrival at a vacation […]


VRS137 – Lessons From Buying Your First Vacation Rental

“We need another cart” are the words that Gary Miller never wants to hear again. He also wants to share that there is no such thing as ‘passive income’ in this business because it’s really hard work. Gary is one of the thousands of new owners who will enter the vacation rental business this year. […]


VRS133 – Getting Ready For My Vacation Rental Season

It’s that time of year again. The cottage country tradition in Ontario has been part of the culture for generations, and in many areas the families that make the trip have been going to the same cottage for years. Then there’s the new Canadians – our most recently arrived immigrants who learn that the annual […]


VRS105 – Is Your Vacation Rental Really Family Friendly?

From the early days of vacation rentals, families have found them to be a great alternative to hotels, and all the listing sites tout families as being a prime group to target. So, why do so many owners fall short of expectations and fail to provide many of the essentials to modern day parents? Probably […]


VRS089 – Keeping on the Right Side of Your Vacation Rental Neighbours

In this episode Mike and I sit down and chat about two issues that affect every vacation rental owner – neighbour relations and general safety, and discuss the importance of emergency planning. I brought up the topic of keeping on side with the neighbours because I’m personally affected by super-noisy rental guests next door this […]


VRS086 – 10 Ways to Create a Great First Impression

Each week as the summer goes on, our rental agency deals with myriad issues. Most of them are minor – items left behind, appliances needing repair, requests for early check-in and late check-out etc. Occasionally, a bigger problem arises like this past week, where an administrative error on our part had a family arriving at […]

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