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VRS125 – What Your Vacation Rental Guests Really Want

A few years ago, enquiries were simpler. They referenced a simpler way of vacationing and underpinned why vacation rentals were becoming so popular. People asked about the outdoors; the waterfront access; how good the fishing was, and whether there were any board games and videos. Fast forward to 2016 and the questions are changing. They […]


VRS105 – Is Your Vacation Rental Really Family Friendly?

From the early days of vacation rentals, families have found them to be a great alternative to hotels, and all the listing sites tout families as being a prime group to target. So, why do so many owners fall short of expectations and fail to provide many of the essentials to modern day parents? Probably […]


Move Over Mom! – The Kids are Making the Vacation Decisions

We’ve never done a statistically significant study in our rental agency to see who makes the vacation rental decisions but we do know that women are the primary inquirers, and feature predominantly on rental agreements as the lead guest. Increasingly, we are hearing from them that they were not the final arbiters in the choice […]