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VRS165 – Hard Lessons Learned with Matt Landau

When Matt Landau closed on a deal he couldn’t ignore and became the proud owner of what is now Los Cuatros Tulipanes in Casco Viejo, Panama, he didn’t appreciate that over the next few years he would earn the equivalent of an MBA in vacation rentals. He learned a lot about the neighborhood, the people […]


VRS126 – 5 Habits Every Vacation Rental Owner Should Develop

Renting out a property professionally is no walk in the park. It’s arduous at times. It eats up hours with marketing, activity on social media and keeping abreast of changes in the marketplace. And sometimes it feels as though all that work is for nothing when the inquiries you answered don’t convert into bookings, and […]


VRS125 – What Your Vacation Rental Guests Really Want

A few years ago, enquiries were simpler. They referenced a simpler way of vacationing and underpinned why vacation rentals were becoming so popular. People asked about the outdoors; the waterfront access; how good the fishing was, and whether there were any board games and videos. Fast forward to 2016 and the questions are changing. They […]