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VRS025 – How to Use Hypnotic Language to Create Great Emails and Vacation Rental Listings

In the 1990’s, I spent three years studying hypnotism and hypnotherapy for my post graduate psychology diploma in pyschotherapy & counselling, and after being in private practice for several more years, moved into management training specialising in marketing and communication skills.   Woven through all my seminars, presentations and workshops was a focus on the power […]


VRS011 – Words that Sell – Travel Copywriting with Erin Raub

I’ve been searching through online listings in the Bahamas recently because we are considering buying a property there and renting it out.  As part of the research I was looking at rental rates, occupancy levels and reviews, to see what works for owners, and what doesn’t.  This is totally unscientific and a statistician would no […]