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Why Your Vacation Rental Business Needs a Strategic and Operational Plan

There’s an easy way to look at the business of running a vacation rental property. “The moment you start taking money from travelers in return for accommodation you have become a provider to the tourism economy.” This is no small responsibility, as a breakdown in any of the systems that contribute to the traveler having […]


Short-Term Rental: 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Invest

As the short-term rental industry grows, demand continues to increase. This is now making investment in short-term rental property a more attractive prospect. It might be part of a retirement plan; an opportunity to pursue a digital, location independent life, or to achieve a family goal to own a second home. Buying a vacation property […]


VRS218 – Vacation Rental Occupancy Tax 101 with Rob Stephens

Occupancy tax collection can be confusing. If you list with Airbnb, they will collect and remit for you, however, if you are doing some direct bookings, the onus is on you to ensure compliance with local tax requirements. In general local authorities require quarterly filing, so this is not something you can leave to a […]