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The Short Term Rental
Property Management Professional Program

This 12 week master class is where you will learn from the best in the business with practical hands-on tasks you can implement immediately within your own business 


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This is the Short Term Rental Property Management Master Class


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Companies across the world trust in Heather Bayer and her Vacation Rental Formula

Who Is Your Host?

Short-term rental investor, blogger, podcaster, basically a vacation rental nerd!  Heather has been immersed in the industry since 1995 as owner of seven properties and CEO of one of Ontario's leading rental agencies managing 180 rental cottages.  Also the co-founder of the Vacation Rental Formula, the best education resource for owners and managers, and the creator and lead presenter for this incredible program.

Heather Bayer
CEO CottageLINK Rental Management, Co-Founder Vacation Rental Formula

Who Are Your Bonus Guest Experts?

Vanessa is an entrepreneur and marketing director. She co-founded the leading short-term rental channel manager, Rentals United and is the founder of VRTech. She’s been named by Short Term Rentalz one of ‘top 10 people to watch in the short-term rental industry in 2020'.

Vanessa de Souza Lage
Co-Founder, CMO Rentals United

In addition to being a full time vacation rental owner and operator, Tammi is the VP of Customer Loyalty at Properly - a game changing two-in-one solution for managing housekeeping/maintenance operations - offering owners and property managers both software and a marketplace of experienced hospitality service providers.

Tammi Sims
VP of Customer Loyalty

Brooke has two decades of expertise in developing innovative businesses from the ground-up in the vacation rental, hospitality, real estate, new construction, property management, and financial services industries. Primarily he is the Founder of Vintory, currently one of the only companies that helps property managers grow their inventory.

Brooke Pfautz
Founder and CEO

Sue is passionate about creating human resource programs and services that are strategic in scope and consistent with the goals and objectives of vacation rental clients. Sue is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University and is both SHRM-SCP and SPHR certified.

Sue Jones
Owner / Strategic HR Business Partner

Andy's keen instincts for branding and getting to the heart of clients’ needs has positioned Seachange Vacation Rentals at the forefront of the fast-changing vacation rentals industry which has enabled him to spot patterns and consistency and specialize in putting focus in a disparate beach vacation rental market.

Andy Meddick

Founder and CEO

Jodi helps vacation rental owners create and implement marketing strategies to successfully book their homes and gain independence from listing sites. She advises business owners and teams on how to best develop and use their own resources and teaches them the best and most updated methods for creating and implementing a marketing strategy that drives traffic to their website and sales funnels.

Jodi Bourne


Kate founded Property Protect in 2017. Her startup offers automated, affordable insurance for short-term property owners. It’s a tool to give peace of mind and security to a class of landlord who desperately needs it. Like all successful founders, Kate used her experience owning her own STR's to find a hole in the market and then filled it.

Kate Birtch

Founder and CEO

After 13 years in the vacation rental industry as a property manager, 15 years as a firefighter and 4 years in the US Coast Guard - Justin combined his experiences to create a niche within the vacation rental industry to serve the safety of guests and the liability of owners. Vacation rental safety.

Justin Ford

Director of Safety & Certification Programs

With more To Come...

So are you wondering how this is going to work?

This course has 12 modules delivered over 12 weeks. A new module will be released each week. Each module will have several videos and written content to consume as well as workbook tasks to help you put the theory into practical use.

At the end of each week, we will host a LIVE Q&A session and most of these sessions will feature one of our guest experts who will help dive a little deep and answer some of the more challenging questions participants may have.

Once the program is complete you will have access to the course content in perpetuity. You can refer back and also have the opportunity to join in on future classes.

Here is the run down of what we will be covering each week...

Module 1 - The Foundation (Hospitality Mindset)
Access on March 9th

The accommodation space is changing and everyone is getting in on the game from hotels and resorts to commodity companies to real estate investors.

This module explores the hospitality space in 2020 and gives some history of the global rental industry – where we have been and where we’re going. It focuses on the 2020 guest and his/her expectations and how the issue of standards is creating a buzz throughout the industry.

You’ll work on your guest and owner personas as well as identifying your own strengths in this fast-moving industry. 

Module 2 - The Business of Property Management
(Strategic & Operational Planning)

Access on March 20th

This module gets you looking at your strategic goals for the company, your vision for the future, and the practical decisions you’ll need to make to get you off on the right footing.

So you get to do a top-down overview then drill down into the detail to establish the business foundations. You’ll see how your MBTI profile plays into why it’s easier for some people to see the big picture than others.

We go into all the research you’ll need to do to position your company for success and you’ll finish this module with a clear understanding of the types of property that will get you there.

Module 3 - The Short Term Rental Tech Toolbox
(Essential Platforms & Apps)

Access on March 27th

If there is one thing that is an absolute given in this business it’s that you can’t do it successfully without the help of technology.

From creating a website, to email automation to property management systems and apps to support changeover management, there’s a lot to take in. And, if you are not careful it’s very easy to fall into the trap of bright shiny things (BST).

In this week we take the overwhelm out of the tech and take you through the essentials, bearing in mind that some of you will just love every new BST (back to your MBTI profile again).

Module 4 - Owner Attraction & Acquisition

Access on April 3rd

We can’t do this business without property owners and unless you own all your homes and never intend to take on third-party properties, this is an important module.

It’s a competitive field when you start up a new company and start looking for places to offer for rental and you must have a strong USP and method of encouraging home owners to entrust their properties to you.

Practically, you’ll get to create an owner management agreement that suits your specific requirements; an acquisition flowchart that ensures you never lose track of an owner who makes an inquiry and three downloadable lead magnet templates to create irresistible offers.

Module 5 - Marketing Part 1: The Broader Picture
(Channels & Distribution)
Access on April 10th

The marketing aspect of running a property management company is complex. Just listing on Airbnb is not an option for a PM who wants growth and reach across multiple demographics, so a robust strategy is required. But where do you start?

How much should you spend? And how do you track it all to ensure the marketing budget is spent wisely. Content creation and management is a large part of getting your word out and this is time-consuming to produce – and then there’s social media!

You’ll learn about the merits of using online travel agencies (OTAs) and why they should be a part of your strategy alongside a goal to develop a direct booking plan and the value of channel management and distribution.

Module 6 - Marketing Part 2 - Getting the Word Out
(Website, Content & Social Media Strategy)

Access on April 17th

Your website, along with a robust marketing plan, will create the foundation for a direct booking strategy that works. Case studies from property managers who have high rates of direct bookings will give an invaluable insight into methods of attracting new guests who will remain loyal to you.

You'll learn practical strategies for creating a flow of information through social media platforms that will drive traffic back to your website.

Module 7 - Onboarding Owners: A Plan for Retention

Access on April 24th

Your first owners are going to place a lot of trust in you. There are plenty of alternatives for them, and your competition will be after their business, so you need to build an onboarding plan that ensures they stay with you for life (or at least the life of their ownership of the property). You also want them to refer you to others and become your greatest ambassadors.

This is a very practical week as you learn how to put together an onboarding plan designed to create trust, confidence and loyalty. You will learn how different types of owners need a different approach and use the Touch Stay Owner Onboarding template to design your own manual, as well as create a framework for an onboarding webinar.

Module 8 - Staffing
(Growing your Dream Team)

Access on May 1st

The very nature of being an entrepreneur means we take on everything. It’s a one-man-band type of show. However, this is the type of business that has you wearing many hats – some of which fit better than others.

You might be great at sales and talking to people, but suck at bookkeeping; or you just love data analysis, spreadsheets and operational efficiency and the thought of dealing with a customer complaint has you breaking out into a sweat.

Every property manager goes through this and if you don’t recognize where you need help, and the right time to take it on, burnout and exhaustion will have a negative impact on you and the business early on.

In this module you’ll learn to recognize your business strengths according to your preferences and how to create a hiring plan based on your weaknesses. We explore the options of remote staffing, outsourcing, and how to find the right person for the job you’ve identified.

Module 9 - Guest Relations: Creating Raving Fans
(Sales and Service)

Access on May 8th

The rise in guest expectations grows year on year fuelled by the narrowing gap between hotels/resorts and what was once known as alternative accommodations.

With hotels eagerly exploring the short-term rental space, and Marriot Bonvoy cementing their position as a provider, the expectation of hotel-style standards are becoming embedded in the minds of consumers. As a property manager you have to keep this front of mind as these expectations have to be met.

In this module we explore the nature of STR complaints, and how to handle them as if they were a gift. You’ll also learn how to set and manage expectations; create an emergency plan so you have a process for every situation that could arise; and manage negative reviews positively.

Module 10 - Operations: Maintaining the Work Flow
(Housekeeping & Maintenance)

Access on May 15th

There’s myriad ways of managing the on-the-ground operational aspect of a PM business. The route you select will largely depend on the location of the properties, the availability of third-party resources, quality and reliability of local providers, and your own location. There is no hard and fast way to put the systems in place to ensure that your standards are maintained, however the importance of getting this right cannot be over-emphasized.

In this week of the course we examine all the options for operational management as well as how to set standards for changeover, supervision and maintenance. 

Module 11 - Safety Issues & Insurance

Access on May 22nd

Safety & Liability are, surprisingly, some of the last thought about aspects of operating a property management business but yet one of the most important. As a commercial business the risk of litigation is very high and even more so in a society where legal suits are thrown around so easily.

In this module we will cover not how to provide the minimum of safety but how to go above and beyond for the safety of your guests. We will also cover the unique aspects of insurance and how to protect yourself and your business from frivolous law suits and the possibility of claims due to guest issues.

Module 12 - The Successful Property Manager

Access on May 29th

In this last week we bring all the learning together and help you prepare a road map to navigate the months ahead.

Using a 12-week model, you’ll create a plan of action to ensure what you’ve learned here is put into practice.

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12 weeks of information rich education to boost the very core of your vacation rental business. This course will not only give you the boost you need but also the direction to see success in your short-term rental endeavours.


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With Heather Bayer as your host and lead presenter this would be an excellent program but this course has a team of subject matter experts to help dive deeper into the subjects they are assisting with, making this an incredible program.


Live Training

Every week you can join Heather Bayer and one of our subject matter experts as they answer your questions from the weeks content and help to go into more detail while connecting with you about your specific vacation rental challenges.


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