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The Vacation Rental Road Map

If you have not seen it all yet...we have a lot of information to share and with soooo much available it can be challenging to find what you are looking for.

So we created the 'Vacation Rental Road Map' to help you define where you are on your vacation rental journey and then to have the information you need available to you.

This is the best place to start to get the best use out of the the Vacation Rental Formula.

The Vacation Rental Formula Blog

Since 2006, Heather Bayer has been writing blog posts, creating videos and providing downloads in support of vacation rental owners and managers in an effort provide a learning resources to help shape the industry.

Now recognized as one of the foremost industry experts in the field of vacation rental education, Heather continues to find the areas that owners and managers need that little extra help and ensure to provide this advice for free in the VRF blog. 

The Vacation Rental Success Podcast

In 2012, after learning the ropes from several other online educators, the team realized that people needed to hear from Heather in a more personal format.

The Vacation Rental Success Podcast was born.

With hundreds of episodes now in the back catalogue and over a half million downloads you will find a treasure trove of useful information in these episodes.

New episodes go live every Wednesday so make sure you subscribe.

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We have all been there that feeling of despair when you need help with a pressing issue for you rental business but can't find the answer.

By becoming a member of The Formula Club, not only will you have access to some of the most experienced advisors in the vacation rental industry but you will also have the support of a huge community of people who have been where you are now.

With a library of training course available to you on demand this is our least expensive way to get the quality training and support you need.

We Are Now Accepting New Members

*** For less than the price of your daily coffee ***


The Vacation Rental Formula Toolbox

Within the 'Action Plan Training Courses', as part of 'The Formula Club' membership, we include workbooks and handouts that help to support the training we create. 

Many of these resources can be used outside the course even though the full course helps to explain how to use the tool.

We have collected all our best handout here in the Vacation Rental Toolbox and hope they will be of value to you. 

Purchase The Toolbox Here <<

Vacation Rental Marketing 2.0

If you have a vacation rental business then 
lead generation & automation is a cornerstone of what you do.

There's no greater asset than an automated marketing system
to convert leads into booked guests.

What most people don't know is that how you build your marketing machine, grow your email list and keep those guests coming back year after year
without paying commissions or services fees to the OTA's!

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Certified Vacation Rental Agent

Vacation Rentals are the next big trend in investing and with over 6 million properties listed on Airbnb and 2 million on HomeAway.

Every one of those properties has been purchased and will be sold.

How many of those transactions will you represent?

This program is for licensed Real Estate Agents to gain their CVRA designation and dominate the purchase and sale of short-term rental properties in their sales area.

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The Big Kahuna Service

Tired of trying to figure out how to build your own marketing machine?
Want to stop loosing thousands of dollars in commission to the OTA's?
Need a team to handle all of your marketing for you but can't afford it?

Then you need 'The Big Kahuna Service'.

The team at Vacation Rental Formula have been mastering the fine art of online marketing and we are now ready to take on clients who want, and need, to let go of the stressful work of marketing.

Utilizing current online marketing strategies and combined with a support network of experts in various marketing fields we can create an automated marketing system that you can take control of or have us operate and maintain it for you.

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