PM14 – Promoting Your Podcast Panel

heather_bayer_podcastHeather Bayer – Post-Production Promotion Power Pack

How do you get your interviewees to market their episode for you?

They are busy people like we are so unless you have a power list and it really makes sense for them to promote their interview to their list, they just may not think it is worth the time.

Sorry, but even if you did the best job ever, their time is precious.

So, you need to make it easy for them to promote by creating a social media pack that includes links to every place you’ve posted the Show.

First of all you need to have presence on the main social media channels. I’ve included links to the best in the business at training each of these so if you are unsure, you can at least check out a tutorial.


Facebook – Amy Porterfield

Twitter – 12 Best Twitter Tutorials of All Time

Google Plus – Martin Shervington – Complete User Guide to Google + (free course)

LinkedIn – Lewis Howes – (This is a paid program with an affiliate link)

Pinterest – Cynthia Sanchez Oh So Pinteresting

Instagram – Sue Zimmerman Instagram Gal (free tutorials on subscribing)

YouTube – James Wedmore


As part of post production have a checklist that includes all social media channels and promote the episode on each.

  1. Create a great visual – not just a head shot. This has to be used on every channel so make sure it is sized well. Use Canva or Picmonkey to create superb visuals



Here’s a cool blog post with 19 Visual Social Media Tips

  1. Write appealing show notes that can be used on G+, LinkedIn and Facebook
  2. Create a short video that includes bullet pointsTaylor White from International Real Estate Listings does this with great effect
  3. Send a thank you note with a list of all the links and a Click to Tweet link

tweet@cottageguru gives some awesome #podcastmarketing tips at #pm14. You have to check out her #vacationrental podcast

Here are just some of the links you should include:

  • Itunes Link
  • Stitcher
  • Soundcloud
  • Your website
  • Facebook – link to your Facebook page
  • Twitter – your main Twitter link
  • LinkedIn Groups – links to niche groups if appropriate
  • Google Plus – inlcuding appropriate hashtags
  • Pinterest – link to Podcast board





I wanted to once again thank you for taking the time to be featured on the Vacation Rental Success Podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion. Here are all the links to where we are promoting the episode – if you can take some time to share these with your networks we can really get the word out.

Here's your show notes page:

Here's the direct iTunes link:

Here's the direct Stitcher link:

Here's the main Facebook link:

Here's the main Twitter link:

Here's the main Pinterest link:

Here's the main Google Plus link:


Extra Tip

Get to know where your guests hang out. Make sure you join their LinkedIn groups, follow them on Facebook and Twitter and comment on and +1 their Google Plus posts. Engage with them and their audience so when you promote the episode they will know of you.