VRS128 – Live from The Vacation Rental Success Summit Goldfish Bowl

Mike had this great idea at the Vacation Rental Success Summit, to set up a podcasting studio so we could record at the event. So, on the Saturday night we took over one of the small rooms – the goldfish bowl, so called because of the windows that gave everyone a great view of what was going on.

I got myself comfortable and Mike co-opted willing victims to come in and have a chat, tell me what they thought of the event and a little bit about themselves.

Sadly we had a bit of a technical glitch and some of the mini-interviews were just too choppy to use. I’ll bring those folks back over the next couple of weeks so you can get to hear what they say.

For now, this is who we spoke to:

Jessica Vozel – Guesthook

Bob Jenkins – Lead Pages

David Angotti – Smoky Mountains.com

Nikki Woodson-Blair – Clanventure

Matt Landau – Vacation Rental Marketing Blog

Gary & Natasha Miller – No property yet….but working on it!

Erica Townson – Town Events Management

Alanna Schroeder – The Distinguished Guest


Apologies to:

Alex and Tammi – Properly

Celine Girard – Villa Mercier

Darik Eaton – Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals

Don Fehst – 3KlicksAway Vacation Rentals

Rex Brown – Holiday Matters

Villa Carpe Diem

Hi Heather, FYI, I tried to open the links to David Angotti, Matt Landau and got a 404 page not found message. Best, Andy

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