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What do the images on your listing or web site say about your property? Do they exude charm and ambience or are they sterile and uninviting? Do they attract or repel? There is no doubt that the pictures you use can have a huge impact on the decisions potential guests make about renting your property and if you don’t take the time to get them right you could be losing out to your competitors.

Property staging for sale has been around for a long time and it’s no secret that a well-staged home will attract more offers and sell faster than one that is cluttered and untidy. Most realtors have a list of home stagers who will come to the property and offer advice on how to prepare for sale – lightening up the décor, adding accents and additional pictures, and de-personalising. On many occasions, after an initial evaluation, they will arrive with a U-Haul trailer fully loaded with furniture, bedding and soft furnishings, all with the aim of creating a very desirable space so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. After the sale is made, of course all the furniture and additional items are removed which makes it a little easier on the pocket! This Ebook goes through the process of how you can do this for yourself. How to perfect the layout and presentation for your photographs and video is essential to improving your booking rate.

Good Luck!

Heather & Mike Bayer
The Cottage Bloggers