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Who Are Your Experts?

“The technology required to run a successful vacation rental business often is the biggest hurdle for rental owners. We want to take away the pain and the learning curve by doing it for you!”

Mike Bayer - CEO Vacation Rental Formula

“The key to effortlessly running a rental business is in the automated systems you can put in place to do all those repetitive admin tasks. Just so happens I am a certified automation expert with the knowledge of the rental industry to know what works and what doesn't.

Jason Beaton - CMO Vacation Rental Formula

The Big Kahuna Service

starting at $4997


Don't have a website yet...we we build you one.
Already have a website...we will optimize it for you for leads and conversions.

Utilizing some of the most advanced sales and marketing tools we will create a master piece that you will be proud to host your vacation rental business.

Your website is at the core of your business and the foundation that helps us build a booking generating machine!

Brand Development

You need to be identifiable. You need guests to remember who they booked with and why they should return to #BookDirect and not book via the OTA's.

A digital brand is what people see, hear, feel and think about in connection with your name or business online.

Digital branding is the deliberate process of creating consistently positive, appealing brand images and messages and we will help you do that.

Email Automation

Your potential guests expect immediate access to information from you. 

Are you available 24/7, 365 to be able to respond...no...and your email auto responder will not get you the booking.

Automating your email responses with dynamic responses to actually provide your guests with what they are looking for immediatly...will get you the booking.

We will help you set up a system to not only capture their contact information but also provide you with rich data that can help you with marketing in the future. 

Reservation Automation

The biggest piece of the puzzle!

Taking instant bookings, receive payments, send out confirmations and welcome information then updating calendars while not lifting a finger might seem like a dream to many....but it will not be for you when we have completed your reservation system.

Using one of the most respected platforms available, we will integrate this system into your website and have you listing site independent and ready for your guests who want to #BookDirect.

Email Marketing

You probably already have an email list but are you nurturing them? Are you keeping them up to date about your property and what is going on in your vacation destination.

Email marketing is the foundation of marketing...you are reaching out to people who already know you...who have already connected with you...now it is time to remind them who you are, what your brand is and why they need to keep coming back to book with your business.

Traffic Generation

Now you have the system set up it is time to widen the scope of who you are reaching out to....or simply reaching out to people who have already visited your amazing website and just need reminding why they need to book.

This is the last step of the process as the system needs to be up and working before we commit to spending your marketing budget on driving traffic to your website.

This step can be setup by us, we can train you in monitoring and how to adjust elements of the ad campaigns...or you can contract us to do this for you on a month to month basis.

How is this going to work?

  • 1. Consultation
  • 2. The plan
  • 3. the build
  • 4. the training
  • 5. maintenance

>> $250 refundable upon project commencement

Creating the perfect business system is not a one size fits all. We bring together a multitude of functions to help build a perfected system and you may already have many of these elements in place.

Lets chat and see the extend of what you are looking for. We will then tailor a plan to you needs.

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We Are Now Accepting New Clients



Creating the perfect business system is not a one size fits all. We bring together a multitude of functions to help build a perfected system and you may already have many of these elements in place.

>> A $250 deposit will be charged for this consult <<

This is refundable upon project commencement

We are happy to answer a few questions before this consultation but this is a deep dive into your business with a custom proposal to build the perfect system for you. 

So to avoid the tire kickers we need to know you are serious and you have the mindset that your vacation rental business is a business and not a hobby.

You can expect the full cost of the 'Big Kahuna Service' to be around $5000!
Roughly the price of 2-3 weeks rental.

If you choose to use some of the business systems that we recommend (not mandatory) there may be additional monthly subscription fees associated with using those services.

**Notice** There is no small print here...
We want you to be confident that we are a team...
Working for you!
Not working for ourselves!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by what we will create for you as part of the 'Big Kahuna Service'.

If you are not happy in the first 60 days after project completion we will work with you to fix what you are not happy with. 

This means that you should REGISTER NOW and lock in your spot before we are at capacity.

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