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The Administration Portfolio

This video is kindly supported by Avalara MyLodgeTax. The best solution for the automatic remittance of your rental taxes. https://www.vacationrentalformula.com/avalara ************** Successful vacation rental owners and hosts are organized. Their calendars are up to date on every listing platform; booking processes are streamlined and easily monitored; payments are processed efficiently, and lodging taxes are collected […]


Using A Vacation Rental Property Manager

This video is kindly supported by Avalara MyLodgeTax. The best solution for the automatic remittance of your rental taxes. https://www.vacationrentalformula.com/avalara ************** While a great many owners are happy to operate their rental business independently, others want a more hands-off approach and want a dedicated property management company to handle some or all aspects of the […]


How To Sell A Vacation Rental Property

While owning a short-term rental can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, the time will come when you want to move on. Whether that’s to release capital to buy another vacation rental property or to get out of the business altogether, the dilemma is to get the value it deserves based on the income generated […]


Keeping up with changes in the vacation rental industry

We live in an ever-changing world. As technology advances, making life arguably easier, systems and processes get adapted, amended, and in some cases replaced altogether. And we have to keep up or get left behind as our industry progresses. I’m part of the generation that grew up without the internet; I was in my 20s […]


10 ways to build your vacation rental business and still have free time

“When I tell people we are close to Cancun, they envision umbrella drinks, beach, relaxation … my reality is Home Depot, Costco, Mega, etc.” (Post on Facebook group) Ask vacation rental owners how many hours a week they spend on managing their vacation rental property, and you’ll probably receive vague replies. Few owners accurately assess […]


How To Invest Wisely In Your Vacation Rental Education

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of resources available to help you manage your vacation rental business. It seems every day something new is launched, and each with the promise of saving you time and stress. So much new tech can have the opposite effect, if you jump onto every new bright […]


Five Vacation Rental Management Tasks to Outsource and Automate

Steve Milo, founder and CEO of VTrips (formerly Vacation Rental Pros), was managing 125 properties before he hired his first full-time staff. He explained how he did this in this interview on the Vacation Rental Success Podcast. VTrips now manages over 2,000 properties across the U.S., and is one of the largest independent property management […]


Building Your Vacation Rental Team

  While the quality of your property and the way it is presented are important, it’s what goes on behind the scenes that contribute to great memories for your guests. From cleaners, caretakers and maintenance staff to the tradespeople who ensure smooth operation of home systems and the array of virtual staff that maintains listings […]


Taking The Leap – From Vacation Rental Property Owner to Property Manager

Taking the leap from looking after your own properties to managing for other people, is a logical step for many owners who want to make a full-time business out of short-term rentals. It’s how most property management companies got started. Steve Milo of VTrips (formerly Vacation Rental Pros) heads up one of the largest property […]


The Vacation Rental Tech Stack

  There are a mind-boggling number of resources available to vacation rental owners, and it seems a new start-up is launched every week. It’s easy to jump on a new platform if you get taken in with the bright, shiny features on the flashy websites, and far from making life easier, selecting what will work […]

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