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VRS270 – 7 Alternative Ways to Promote Your Vacation Rental Business

How do you get seen in a market that is so crowded? When there are thousands of similar properties vying for travelers attention it’s pretty near impossible to get to the top of the search. In this episode, we explore 7 different ways of getting your property in front of prospective guests long before they […]


VRS269 – Getting Personal with Automation Part 2 with Brad Martineau

The customer experience applies across every transaction we have, and a poorly executed experience can result in an unhappy client or even a lost one. Fortunately, we have the power to develop, control and play out the best experiences ever for our customers.   We just need to know how. Brad Martineau of Sixth Division lives, […]


VRS268 – Seeking Perfection: How To Generate 5 Star Vacation Rental Reviews

It’s over a decade since Flipkey disrupted the vacation rental industry with the concept of publishing live reviews. We hated the idea then. It was awful to think that guests could post a review without it being screened by the owner or manager. What would happen if it was negative and we didn’t agree? Flash […]


VRS265 – 10 Projects for Growing My Vacation Rental Business in 2019

A vacation rental business is a continuous process of managing projects – some new and extensive, others smaller and more routine but nevertheless, important. And, after 15 years of running a busy property management company, it’s still exciting to start a new round of planning. In this episode, I share ten of the programs we’ll […]


VRS264 – Planning and Executing a Great Vacation Rental Website Plan

Designing a website is more than piecing together a bunch of pages showing a listing, rates, and availability. The team at Lodgify are great at developing their own content, and founder Dennis Klett joins me on this episode to share his tips on planning out a website, branding and making the components of a good site […]


VRS263 – Turning Short Term Rental Hosts Into Travel Bloggers With Alan Egan

We talk a lot about creating content, through building websites and blogging, but not so much about the how of it all. This episode explores the practicalities of producing quality material that will not only attract site visitors but will also appeal to the ever hungry Google machine. Alan Egan has been in the vacation […]

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