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VRS253 – Exploring the Blended Accommodation Landscape with Ian Ackland of Booking.com

In this episode, we take a broader view of our business with long-time travel professional, Ian Ackland who is Booking’s Regional Manager for Connectivity and Vacation Rentals. For starters, he talks about what he does and what ‘blended accommodation’ actually means. As Ian explains traveler preferences are steering the need for a wide variety of […]


VRS251 – Building My Vacation Rental Website – Part One

Building your own website isn’t the easy task it’s made out to be, and now I’m about to start creating my own, I’m taking on board some expert help from today’s guest and my business partner, Jason Beaton. If you missed it, I’ve just moved into my new house which is a 4-minute drive from […]


VRS250 – 7 Lessons Learned From a Hot and Steamy Summer of Vacation Rentals

Welcome to episode 250! That’s quite a milestone, and I hope to deliver the next 250 with as many information packed and insightful interviews as you’ve come to expect. For this one, I’m going solo to share what we learned from this year’s summer of rentals. So, was this summer different? Well, the weather always […]


VRS249 – Vacation Rental Industry Update with Amy Hinote of VRM Intel

Amy Hinote is one of the top influencers in our industry and it was a huge pleasure to sit down and chat with her about the current state of the industry and to hear about some of her upcoming projects. As editor and publisher of VRM Intel, the must-read magazine for anyone interested in short-term […]


VRS247 – Social Media Marketing for Vacation Rentals with Jodi Bourne

There’s no denying it now – I have to get to grips with Instagram. I’m currently watching my daughter-in-law, Andrea, building her audience on Instagram with my son, Mike, as they document their sailing adventures via @BayerFootTravels and I am seeing and hearing how much fun they are having figuring it all out. Statistics suggest there will […]


VRS246 – VR Tech Award 2018 with Vanessa de Souza Lage

The expression ‘There’s an app for that” fits the vacation rental business very well, as the multitude of tech resources available for hosts and property managers continues to grow by the day. Whether you want to track your cleaner’s progress, monitor the noise levels in a property, check on the number of devices in use, […]


VRS245 – How to Outsource and Other Vacation Rental Tips with Craig Reid

Are you doing dull, repetitive tasks that have you saying, “I shouldn’t be doing this”? Is your time spent on boring jobs that prevent you from working on projects that can deliver much greater value to your business? Is that a yes? I’m sure it is for many small business owners who plow through myriad […]

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