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VRS036 – The Vacation Rental French Connection with Tansy Forster

Take 4 vacation rentals, numerous dogs, cats, chickens, sheep, goats, ducks and a llama, and a passion for hospitality, and you have the dynamo that is Tansy Forster, the owner of multiple properties in Normandy, France. Since 2001, when Tansy and her husband, former royal photographer Mike Forster, jumped the channel to make their home […]


VRS035 – Quick and Easy Tips from VRWS 2014 with Antonio Bortolotti

Put together 12 vacation rental industry experts, ask them to share their best information in a dozen outstanding presentations, and you have a package that might just catapult your business to the next level. Since the Summit aired in June, I have already put many of the things I learned into practice with positive results […]


VRS034 – How to Increase Vacation Rental Guest Happiness in 10 Easy Steps

We all know that guest exepectations continue to rise and what was tolerated 10 years ago, would be grounds for a complete refund today, but some areas are slower to catch on than others. There are a lot of reasons for this, not least of which is the traditional nature of vacations in places where […]


VRS033 – Fiji Vacation Rental Owner and Writer – Beth Carson

One of the great benefits of creating this podcast is that I get to speak to so many experienced owners on so many different topics. I also get to hear about their fabulous locations and properties. My guest in this episode may be in one of the most coveted spots in the world with a […]


VRS032 – Your Vacation Rental Questions Answered with Heather & Mike

We asked for your questions and we got them! Thank you so much to all who sent us questions about your vacation rental businesses. It was great to hear from you and to learn about different locations and the issues that are on your mind. Keep them coming! For this episode, we chose two that […]

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