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Winter Power Outages -Buying a Generator

We’ve just bought a generator. It took us a long while researching and considering the expense but we finally decided to take the plunge and bought a 16kw automatic propane model at a cost of just over $7000. Ouch…..I hear the intakes of breath and sucking in of teeth…that’s a lot of money for additional […]


10 Ways to Add Value to Your Cottage Vacation Rental

Making your guests feel welcome when they arrive is the key to creating happy clients who will return and refer their friends. They are more likely to respect your property and to leave it in an as-found condition if you have provided them with some pleasing touches that will enhance their cottage experience.  These are […]


Preparing your guests for winter rental

Rental guests come in all shapes, sizes and from a great variety of backgrounds. Similarly, they all have varying preconceived ideas about what to expect from their vacation rental. Where people are used to city services – water, sewage, garbage collection and of course snow removal, it’s important to let them know the differences they […]


Minimising the risks of renting out your cottage

There is a natural fear about renting out your cottage paradise for the first time. Wondering how you will feel about strangers using your things, whether they will treat your property with respect, and what your liabilities are, may be questions that need answers before you commit. I spoke to a couple at the Fall […]


Are We Complacent? There’s Evidence to Show We Need to Improve Standards

If there is one phrase guaranteed to send me into soap box mode, it is ‘It’s just a cottage’. This usually comes from a veteran cottage owner whose property has been in the family for generations and who was brought up with the view that getting away to the cottage was a return to the […]


What you need to know about using a rental agency

Although managing your own cottage rental can be rewarding and, in some ways, economical, it is very time consuming and demands a high degree of attention for it to be successful. This is where rental management companies can offer a great alternative, or become an additional tool in your marketing plan. Types of agencies and […]

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