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VRS360 – A Fireside Chat About The Vacation Rental Biz with Amy Hinote

  This episode of the Vacation Rental Success Podcast is brought to you by ConvertBox. The best lead generation tool to help you build email list as part of a solid book direct strategy. Amy Hinote is a powerhouse in our industry.  With a background in finance and over 15 years of experience being in […]


VRS359 – Are You Meeting Your Short Term Rental Hospitality Touchpoints?

“When does hospitality begin?  It is not at the moment your guests arrive. It is not at the time of booking, either.  Instead, it begins at the moment you decide to create a short-term rental business.” At this point, you’ve become a provider to the tourism and travel industry and that brings a lot of […]


VRS357 – 2020 VR Tech Award Finalists

The pandemic has brought many challenges, not least of which is getting new ideas, products and services out to the short-term rental audience.  In a normal year, conference halls would be bustling with attendees discovering what’s new in the market and getting into deep discussion on what would work best in their businesses. In previous […]


VRS355 – A Short-Term Rental Advocacy Masterclass with Dana Lubner

“If we didn’t do something, we would have lost all our abilities to do short-term rentals” – Dana Lubner Short term rental bans and restrictions are here to stay and we will all be impacted at some point.  Even if there are regulations in place right now, there’s a good likelihood they will change in […]


VRS354 – It’s Our Time – Why We Need A Route To Professional Development

‘It’s our time’ according to Heather Richer, the President of The Association For Short-Term Rental Homeowners.  We are seeing an unprecedented upswing in interest in vacation rentals as travelers the world over are encouraged to staycation in their own countries and find our mode of accommodation to be safer than hotels and resorts As our […]


VRS353 – Following His Own Path with Steve Elsey > A Vacation Rental Maverick

Steve Elsey has a simple outlook on the vacation rental business. Create an attractive environment without the knick-knacks, loon artwork, and moose blankets.  Always buy Tiffany lampshades and use the best linens.  Treat guests with respect and they will return the favor. He doesn’t like the words luxury or rustic or perfect to describe a […]


VRS352 – It’s a Matter of Trust with Direct Booking For Short Term Rental

For a guest booking with an online platform such as Airbnb, there’s an emphasis on trust.  It’s one of the primary ways they persuade guests their platform is safe to use and why ‘off-platform’ whether booking or messaging, is somehow sending them off to the dark side.  And it’s also why we should be paying […]


VRS351 – Creating An Awesome Vacation Rental Newsletter

Matt Landau (VRMB) calls himself a ‘Newsletter Nerd’.  He’s spent over five years researching what constitutes a great newsletter that you look forward to every week and always open, as opposed to the one that pops into your inbox and out into trash without a second glance. According to the author of Everybody Writes, Ann […]


VRS350 – Getting Ready for Your Next Tipping Point

Tipping points occur when something changes to tip the balance of a system and brings about a larger change.  For example, someone integral to your business resigns, or VRBO penalizes you for too many cancellations or software you’ve relied on closes down.  There are many opportunities for something to happen within your carefully structured business […]

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