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VRS273 – 5 Mistakes That VRBO’s Often Make (2019)

A few years ago I wrote a blog post that went on to be one of the most popular on Cottage Blogger. It was called 10 Mistakes VRBO Owners Often Make. It listed a number of things owners frequently did that could be detrimental to their rental business – and downright catastrophic if they did […]


VRS272 – Investing in Short-Term Rental Property with Erica Muller of Vrolio

Today’s guest has been a realtor for 16 years in the Orlando area. She’s one of a few real estate agents who really understand the vacation rental business and the challenges involved in selling a short-term rental. Earlier this year the vacation rental real estate listing site, Vrolio, was given a soft launch. The listing, […]


VRS269 – Getting Personal with Automation Part 2 with Brad Martineau

The customer experience applies across every transaction we have, and a poorly executed experience can result in an unhappy client or even a lost one. Fortunately, we have the power to develop, control and play out the best experiences ever for our customers.   We just need to know how. Brad Martineau of Sixth Division lives, […]


VRS268 – Seeking Perfection: How To Generate 5 Star Vacation Rental Reviews

It’s over a decade since Flipkey disrupted the vacation rental industry with the concept of publishing live reviews. We hated the idea then. It was awful to think that guests could post a review without it being screened by the owner or manager. What would happen if it was negative and we didn’t agree? Flash […]


VRS263 – Turning Short Term Rental Hosts Into Travel Bloggers With Alan Egan

We talk a lot about creating content, through building websites and blogging, but not so much about the how of it all. This episode explores the practicalities of producing quality material that will not only attract site visitors but will also appeal to the ever hungry Google machine. Alan Egan has been in the vacation […]


VRS260 – Sense of Place: Season 2 Review with Matt Landau

Season 2 of Sense of Place will premiere on YouTube on December 19th as host, Matt Landau takes us around the globe showcasing passionate owners and managers and their fabulous locations. Matt made a brief appearance at the VRMA conference in Las Vegas in October with a trailer of the new series, sponsored this time […]


VRS257 – Building My Vacation Rental Website – Part Two

In this second part of the series on building a vacation rental website, the Chief Marketing Officer of Vacation Rental Formula talks about the thorny topic of theme selection. Finding the right theme to showcase your property and the location content you are going to build is a necessary but often time-consuming task. There are […]

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