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VRS379 – Boosting Short-Term Rental Income with Add-Ons – Upselling with Tyann Marcink

For most people involved in short-term rentals, there is a finite value on a property.

Once it has been rented, regardless of revenue management techniques, there’s nothing to add to the bottom line.

More experienced operators have a different perspective and maximize every opportunity to upsell or cross-sell – that is to increase the average sales value per customer.


VRS375 – The How’s & Why’s of Book Direct

February 3, 2021, is the fourth annual Book Direct Day where owners and managers share messages with the hashtag #BookDirect and educate guests about the benefits of working directly with them.
Those who drew the positive straw are still reeling from the massive business boost, while those who suffered through wave after wave of cancellations and no re-bookings are still struggling to figure out what to do next. 


VRS368 – How to Win With Paid Advertising with Conrad O’Connell

Our property management company has been in business for 17 years and we’ve dabbled with paid ads over time.  Over the years we’ve built up a solid reputation and through the development of content, we regularly hit Page 1 of Google for our keywords.  In other words, we do well on organic search even for […]


VRS366 – Direct Booking Hot Topics with Mark Simpson

As we approach 2021 there’s still a lot of unpredictability, and in our industry, this is something we’re used to.  Owners and managers want to keep control of their business but continued changes from the OTAs just add to the uncertainty many are feeling. We see this growing concern in the questions about direct bookings […]


VRS365 – Using Facebook Groups to Grow Community (Leads)

Earlier in 2020, I started a Facebook group for managers and property owners.  You are probably a member of it.  If not please check it out – info below.  The reason I mention it is that it has grown to nearly 2000 members in just 9 months and has become a useful resource for anyone […]


VRS357 – 2020 VR Tech Award Finalists

The pandemic has brought many challenges, not least of which is getting new ideas, products and services out to the short-term rental audience.  In a normal year, conference halls would be bustling with attendees discovering what’s new in the market and getting into deep discussion on what would work best in their businesses. In previous […]


VRS355 – A Short-Term Rental Advocacy Masterclass with Dana Lubner

“If we didn’t do something, we would have lost all our abilities to do short-term rentals” – Dana Lubner Short term rental bans and restrictions are here to stay and we will all be impacted at some point.  Even if there are regulations in place right now, there’s a good likelihood they will change in […]

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