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VRS399 – Secrets of the Airbnb Super Hosts

Airbnb has posted its list of the ‘The number one most hospitable Host in every US state’.  To even be considered, hosts had to have achieved 100% 5-star ratings in the categories of Cleanliness, Check-in and Communication. Then ‘to raise the bar even further’, they set the minimum number of reviews at 100. 


VRS396 – Building a Short-Term Rental Listing That Beats the Competition – 7 Principles of Listing Optimization

Is your listing captivating?  Are you doing enough to stop visitors scrolling past so they don’t get to see you have a 96 Jet tub with satellite TV built-in, buried in an amenity list?  Do you have branding that will stop them in their tracks? If you answered yes, then move on.  There’s nothing to see here. But for most of us, even if our listings are doing well, a little tweaking to up the game can’t hurt.  And the tips in this episode are enough to propel some to full-occupancy status.


VRS395 – The 5 Biggest Mistakes New Short-Term Rental Property Managers Make

I’ve been in the vacation rental business for over 25 years, 19 of them as CEO of a property management company, and over those years we’ve made plenty of mistakes. Things we’d not do if we were starting up again. In this episode, I talk about five of the most common errors new short-term rental property managers make when they embark on this fun journey.Let’s be prepared.


VRS393 – Getting Ready for Summer – The Laundry List Edition

This year will be an eye-opener for those who’ve been used to a wealth of five-star reviews from happy guests.  As my office manager is prone to say, “They are pre-soured”.  After 15 months of shutdowns, work-from-home, homeschooling, indoor dining deprivation, and mask-wearing, they are emerging in fighting mode.

Let’s be prepared.


VRS390 – How to Build Pillar Posts That Will Drive Traffic To Your Short-Term Rental Website

Back in 2018, Hubspot re-engineered their method of delivering content and it’s been proven this method called the Pillar-Cluster model works. I might be a little late to this game but it’s showing traction for our company right now so I’m sharing how it works. Now, after a year of lockdowns, restrictions, and disappointments, travelers have grasped at whatever they can get, often paying a premium for it.

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