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VRS406 – Renting More Weeks with Alan Egan

Alan Egan has been prominent in the vacation rental world for the last twelve years.  A former property manager, well respected VR photographer, Wordpress expert,  and all-round nice person, Alan has a lot of knowledge about marketing that he freely shares. 


VRS404 – PODCAST SWAP: Unlocked By Matt Landau

If you listen to this podcast, you might listen to others….but maybe not.  If that’s the case this first episode of the podcast swap is a great taster of other amazing shows out in listener land.


VRS400 – The 4 Pillars of Limited Edition Hospitality with Matt Landau

Matt sees four commonalities or ‘pillars of success’ underpinning the limited edition model – family, local, specialities, and surprises (FLoSS).  These are what successful operators and managers all have in common as they create robust businesses that are becoming more independent of the online booking platforms. In this episode Matt talks through each of the pillars and shares many examples from the last five years of talking with the best in our industry.


VRS399 – Secrets of the Airbnb Super Hosts

Airbnb has posted its list of the ‘The number one most hospitable Host in every US state’.  To even be considered, hosts had to have achieved 100% 5-star ratings in the categories of Cleanliness, Check-in and Communication. Then ‘to raise the bar even further’, they set the minimum number of reviews at 100. 

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