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VRS418 – 10 Winter Projects for a Short Term Rental Property Manager

From guest communication to social media, our tech stack to owner acquisition and onboarding, there are a lot of moving parts to this business.  And we are all busy people.  This is why it’s worthwhile taking a focused look at what needs to be reviewed, revisited, discarded or revamped, and use a slower time of the year to work through it all.


VRS417 – Keynote Summaries & Conference Takeaways with Matt Landau

If you didn’t get to any, or many conferences this year, you may have felt some FOMO. All those networking and educational sessions missed.  And from all accounts, a year off from in-person events meant they bounced back with renewed energy and a lot of new content. Get your round up here!


VRS416 – How To Really Welcome Pets (And Not Just Tolerate Them)

Statistics on pet ownership in the UK and North America have shown a dramatic increase since the pandemic began, with 3.2 million households in the UK acquiring a new pet and the overall pet owning households in the US surpassing 67%. This means more people are expecting to take their dogs on vacation than ever before.


VRS413 – Changing Strategies for Owner Acquisition with Brooke Pfautz

For some property managers, the landscape of owner acquisition has changed in the past two years.  Some owners are wanting to rent in order to fund the investment and have high expectations of income and occupancy; others bought to escape urban living and have no intention of getting into short-term rental – but may do so in the future.

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