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VRS311 – Tyann’s Take – Getting into the Large Group Short Term Rental Market

In this third episode in the niche building series, vacation rental powerhouse, trainer, consultant, Touch Stay Ambassador and one of my favorite people, Tyann Marcink joins me to talk about the mega-house she is building in Branson. According to Newsweek, “Branson (Missouri) is often compared to Las Vegas, just with a lot less sin. Instead […]


VRS307 – 15 Tweaks to Help Build a Profitable Short-Term Rental Management Company

Growing a property management company isn’t easy. There’s so much involved from building inventory to setting up operational practices; understanding channel management and book direct strategies; hiring the right people to manage guest and owner relations. It can be very tough. Over the 16 years I’ve been running a PM company there’s been a lot […]


VRS303 – Find Your Short Term Rental Niche Pt 1 with Rick Oster & Oster Golf Houses

Building for a niche market has worked for Rick Oster. Over the years, he’s built 7 homes with another to break ground shortly, with a model developed from understanding the needs of his rental demographic. They are purpose-built homes with a specific layout including multiple master suites, entertainment areas, and custom kitchens, and much of […]


VRS301 – Another Vacation Rental Summer Bites The Dust

As the summer season came to an end over the Labour Day weekend, our team drew a collective sigh of relief and it was time to debrief on what worked, what didn’t and what we should do to make it better next year. Looking back over the preparation for summer 2019 and reflecting on some […]


VRS299 – Born Into The Vacation Rental Business with Jodi Taylor Refosco

When you are born to parents who run a vacation rental business and your first real job is cleaning hot tubs in rentals you are likely to learn a lot about the industry from the ground up. Having that sort of experience is what prompted Jodi Taylor Refosco to launch Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & […]

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