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Is Your Vacation Rental Packaging Attractive?

There’s something about a nicely packaged gift. The attractive wrapping; ribbons; tissue paper peeking out of a bag – all add to the excitement and anticipation of wondering what’s inside. If you have taken care over choosing the right gift, you probably won’t use a store bag or torn and scuffed wrapping to present it. […]


It’s Just a Cottage!

I’ve heard the expression, ‘it’s just a cottage’, too many times. Used to make excuses for tired and mis-matched furniture, saggy mattresses, ancient appliances and 70’s décor, it’s a cop out. Having ‘just a cottage’ is absolutely fine… unless it is being rented out. Some friends of mine were over from UK last week. They’d […]


Dealing With Damage – Do You Have a Plan?

No matter how well you screen your renters, talk to them before their vacation, and educate them with your cottage manual, there is a risk of damage. Some damage we can accept and will write off, but there are other situations where we must take a practical approach and put the responsibility for payment firmly […]


Honesty Can Bring More Rental Guests – Honest!

  "If you are told you can’t have it – you want it more! Ever watched a child in a candy or toy store?" Lay My Hat Forum contributor I was reading an interesting thread on the Lay My Hat forum this morning. The gist was that the more honest you are about the shortcomings […]


Does Your "Luxury" Cottage Deliver Its Promise?

What do the terms, “luxury cottage”, “upscale cottage rental” or “executive property” mean to you? Do you use any of these terms to describe your cottage, and if so, what criteria do base your description on? Craig and I were driving up to Fenelon Falls yesterday to view a ‘luxury, executive’ cottage, and as we […]


Are Your Rental Guests Happy?

In an increasingly competitive vacation rental market, you have to do things differently to help you stand out from the rest. That might be a matter of using well-staged photos on your website, having features and facilities that others don’t offer, and making sure your rental rate is set fairly. But, there’s another key component […]


How To Write Captivating Copy For Your Vacation Rental Website

What inspires you? What captures your attention when you visit a website so that you explore every page? Perhaps it’s the eye-catching design or photos that get your initial interest, but it’s the words that will spark the desire to read more. When you write for your website or blog it’s important to pay close […]


Leaving the Door Wide Open and Other Security Measures!

How do your renters access your cottage? Do you mail them keys, or hide them under a flowerpot, in the barbecue or on a hook under the deck? I’m often amazed at the ingenuity of homeowners in finding new places to conceal their keys, but wonder why on earth they don’t use a simple lockbox […]


The Secret to Renting Out Your Vacation Home – the Stress-Free Way

What one thing can make your cottage vacation rental easier to manage as well as leaving you feeling comfortable about the guests you have staying? What can also increase your income in the offseason, and boost your referral rates significantly? The secret is in your returning guests. Those wonderful families that come back year after […]

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