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An Interview with A Vacation Rental Industry ‘Sage’

This industry is full of lovely people. I guess it’s because we are grounded in hospitality and creating great experiences that we are generally nice to each other as well! I have a long list of favorite VR folks, and if you’ve ever met or corresponded with me, you are probably on it. I don’t […]


Thought Leader Spotlight From Abode PR

There have always been challenges and threats to our vacation rental industry from the outset. It wasn’t that many years ago when Home Away introduced live reviews and the outcry could be heard across the planet. How would it be possible to allow people to post a review without a home owner checking it first […]


The Top 75 Vacation Rental Blogs Revealed

When Cottage Blogger started over 12 years ago, there wasn’t much in the vacation rental space to help owners and property managers learn about this great business. It was before the massive growth of online travel agencies (OTAs) such as Home Away, Airbnb and began to depersonalize the relationships we had with our guests. […]


How to Compete with 800lb Vacation Rental Gorillas

As any vacation rental manager is aware, keeping and growing inventory is an on-going and ever-present challenge. The competition in many places is significant, and issues of supply and quality control can drive managers to contemplate their future in the business. A glimmer of hope in the sometimes bewildering onslaught of industry changes is present […]


The Group of Seven – The Vacation Rental Industry’s Top Influencers

Barcelona-based Vanessa de Souza Lage leads the field in vacation rental tech know-how. Her VRTech Meet-Ups are held in major European cities and bring the best minds together to talk about apps, digital technology and the future of the industry. She’s spoken at 8 conferences this year, including our own Vacation Rental Success Summit. Vanessa […]