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Are you a short-term rental (STR) business owner looking to take your business to the next level?

Are you a short-term rental (STR) business owner who wants to skyrocket your success? Ready to take your business to the next level and start maximizing profits? It’s time to enroll in the Vacation Rental Formula Business School!

We offer expert, industry-leading courses that are specifically created for STR business owners like you. Learn how to master marketing, sales strategies, financial planning, and more with our easy-to-follow and interactive courses. With top instructors who have years of experience in the industry, you’ll get all the knowledge and skills you need to confidently scale your business and reach success.

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The Foundations Of A Short-Term Rental Business

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> 4 Hours of video content
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Online Education

Online learning offers a number of benefits over traditional in-person instruction. Flexibility to consume the course content on your schedule, at your pace is key. Our courses are also designed for all learning types. If you prefer video, audio, reading, or to actively go through a workbook, we have you covered.

Expert-Led Community

There are many online STR communities available out there but our unique strength is that our community is expert-led and moderated. We have a support space for each of our courses to keep the advice on point and without all the opinionated noise that can put people off. We want to welcome you to our ‘Tribe’.

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The Foundations of a Short-Term Rental Business

The business of rental has changed dramatically in a short time. New players have come into the market, altering the dynamics of marketing, operating and strategically managing individual and multiple homes.


To be successful is no longer a matter of listing a property and expecting guests to come. It now takes an understanding of competitive market places; analysis of revenue models and an appreciation of today’s expectations of hospitality.

This foundation course aims to revitalize your business by building out skills and practices that will underpin your success over time.

> Why a business plan is a necessity and what should go in a live document

> How to define your target market

> To use a SWOT analysis to identify areas for growth

> What you can do to find your competitive edge

> The building blocks of a successful STR business

> How to meet service expectations

Short-Term Rental Entrepreneurship

In this course we use the concepts of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test to identify your entrepreneurial skills and limitations so you can make educated decisions about your business strategy.

It’s a fun exercise and we’ll be revisiting the results in many other areas of the program, as having an understanding of why you operate the way you do will help in your decision making at the strategic level.

> The difference between fixed and growth mindsets

> To identify your strengths and weaknesses

> Your entrepreneurial type and how it impacts different aspects of your business

> How to fill the skills gaps


Owner Attraction & Acquisition

Property owners are the lifeblood of your business, and in a competitive market you need creative methods of attracting and acquiring new ones. From identifying different owner types to developing the materials to attract them, this course will take you through a step-by-step process that will encourage trust and respect from your clients.

> What different owners want and how to appeal to each type of owner

> The components of an owner attraction package

> What makes a compelling owner page on a website

> How to develop lead magnets that will draw prospective clients to your business

> The way to track leads efficiently

> To keep owner interest through long-term nurture techniques

Owner Onboarding

The key to retention is to treat your owners royally after they have signed up. This means having an onboarding workflow for each of your owner types, working with their communication styles and levels of involvement, and making life easier for them along the way.

Owners that enjoy the onboarding process will stay with you longer, make more referrals, and be generally more satisfied than those who feel ‘lost’ in a system.

> The 8 components of an onboarding workflow

> Planning for a photoshoot

> How to adjust the workflow to suit different owner types

> To identify and manage owner expectations

> Ways of building strong owner relationships

> What to put in a guest guide and an owner manual

The Foundations of Vacation Rental Marketing

Despite what people may think, a vacation rental has to be marketed to be successful. 

To be successful you have to understand your differences and your target market.  Sure, you can post your rental on a few listing sites and wait for the bookings to roll in.  But, at some point, you will realize it is not that easy. 

Who, What, How, And How Much… 

> How to Identify Your Guest Avatars
> The Importance of Your Unique Selling Point

> Why Listing Sites are Still Important
> What Diversification Can Do For Your Business
> Direct Booking Website Tips
> The Secrets of Good Channel Management
> Why Your Marketing Budget Can Save $$$

Branding Your Business

A brand is a representation of what your business promises – its story and history; the quality and integrity; and the promise it makes. When people are doing business with a brand, they choose it for these reasons. They want to be part of it.

This module introduces the elements that go towards creating a brand people will remember, and share with others.

> What having a brand actually means in business

> How to be unforgettable in a crowded market

> Why you need a brand story and how to create one

> The importance of sharing your mission and values

> What a brand personality is and how to build yours

> To create a visual identity

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Heather Bayer...

Short-term rental investor, blogger, podcaster, basically a vacation rental guru! Heather has been immersed in the industry since 1998 as owner of seven properties and CEO of one of Ontario's leading rental agencies managing 180 rental cottages. Also the co-founder of the Vacation Rental Formula, the best education resource for owners and managers, and the creator and lead presenter for this incredible program.

Heather Bayer

Co-Founder and Chief of Content
Vacation Rental Formula
Your Host

Mike Bayer...

Every superstar-talent needs a producer to help keep the ship on course and Mike has held this role since their idea for an online vacation rental education resource was first formed in 2004. Adult educator, multi-media creator, STR property maintenance expert and online marketing enthusiast make Mike's contribution wide but valuable on many levels.

Mike Bayer

Co-Founder and CEO
Vacation Rental Formula
Your Guide

Jason Beaton...

Since 2016 Jason has been the glue that holds the team and the technology together. As a Certified Digital Marketing Professional and a Certified Consultant for Active Campaign (CRM Platform), he has always brought an incredible knowledge and ability to make technology talk to each other, including working with property managers to streamline API systems and automation of business functions.


Jason Beaton

Chief Technology Officer
Vacation Rental Formula
Your Tech Jedi


Jodi Bourne...

Vacation rental business coach, digital marketing strategist and website designer, Jodi fell head first into the tourism industry after a 10-year career in public relations and marketing. She quickly found her passion for helping individual owners and boutique property management companies build their businesses, diversify their marketing, and elevate their brands. As an industry educator, she has guided hundreds of hosts as they built and marketed their hospitality businesses.

Jodi Bourne

VR Consultant & Web Designer
Jodi Bourne Vacation Rental Consulting
Marketing Expert


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The Beta Program has been designed to share some of the most asked-for courses in one package. 


Beta students will then have access to every VRF B-School original courses we subsequently add in a lifetime registration.

We aim to include courses in every area of short-term rental ownership and management. 


The core areas will be Investment, Marketing, Operations, Business Administration, Finances, Safety & Legal Matters, Staffing, and Tech Management.  Each core area will be broken down into smaller courses covering all aspects. 


For example, in Marketing, you will find courses on Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Direct Booking Strategies, Website Design, Off Line Marketing.

While each of the courses is designed for self-study, our Community is the place to ask questions and hear from fellow students as well as from Heather, Mike and Jason alongside our subject experts and course creators.

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