Friday November 29th, 2019
11am - 9pm ET

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If you have a short-term rental business then this Boot Camp will be exactly what you need.

These six free sessions will cover all aspects of the rental business and there will be some major a-ha moments for you whether you are a single property owner or a property manager with countless properties.

Theses sessions are prepared with decades of experience in the vacation rental industry and presented by some of the best educators in the business. 

The Vacation Rental Formula team (Heather Bayer, Mike Bayer, and Jason Beaton) are excited to share all this incredible information as a gift from us to you on this Black Friday. 

SESSION 1 - Fri, Nov 29th @ 11am ET

The Secret Advantage

When you know what your customers like and want before they even ask you for something you’ve uncovered the treasure trove of data that will delight and surprise them. And…it’s easier than you think.Hotels have been doing this for years and the best stand out from the rest because they use the data they collect with amazing effect.In this webinar you’ll discover ‘secret service’ techniques that will have your guests saying, ‘How did they know that?”

You’ll learn:

• Four categories of ‘secret service’ data
• 10 low or no-cost experiences you can create for your guests
• The data-mining questions you need to ask 

SESSION 2 - Fri, Nov 29th @ 1pm ET

How to Create Guest Ambassadors:
One Touch-Point At A Time

If you treat your guests well at every step of their vacation journey, they can become your most loyal fans. In fact, they can deliver more free traffic to your site or listing than you ever thought possible.And you have the power to create those raving fans.This webinar shows you how you can touch your guests at different stages from the very beginning of their vacation planning, through booking, anticipation, staying and way beyond the time they checkout.

The key takeaways are:
• The touch points where you can turn guests from interested to committed
• The dripping tap technique for creating excitement
• Why specific images on your website/listing can increase conversions
• Ways to turn problems into opportunities for positive reviews

SESSION 3 - Fri, Nov 29th @ 3pm ET

The Art of Being Seen in an Increasingly Distracted World

With the massive increase in short term rentals and the growing challenge of getting eyes on your listing, the way to capture interest is to deliver the content guests want before they start looking for accommodation.You are uniquely positioned to do what the big listing sites can’t do, and that’s to share your local knowledge.This webinar shows you how to rise above the noise and create content that travellers are looking for in easy to digest ways.

You’ll find out:

• How to find out the questions travellers are asking
• A 4-step process for delivering multi-media information
• What you need for audio and video production
• How easy it is to create relevant content

SESSION 4 - Fri, Nov 29th @ 5pm ET

Getting New Owners and Keeping Them

Whether you are just starting out in property management or have been in this business for years, the role of our owners remains the same. They are the ones with the properties we need in order to create a successful business, and sourcing new properties is a primary goal and activity.The challenge of finding these properties and persuading owners that they can entrust their home to you has become harder with competition from consolidators such as Vacasa and Turnkey.This webinar shows how you can compete with the larger companies and deliver a strong message to property owners that you are their right choice.

You’ll learn:

•How to create a powerful information package
•The referral methods that brings a stream of new enquiries
•5 keys to attracting new owners
•3 proven methods of keeping them

SESSION 5 - Fri, Nov 29th @ 7pm ET

The #BookDirect Tech Stack

Technology is our salvation...and our downfall. It can be incredibly stressful to figure out what is the best system for you to use to integrate with your vacation rental business. Our team at Vacation Rental Formula have been scouring the reviews and the demos to find the best products out there for your short-term rental business.

You'll discover:
• The tops tool for managing 80% of your business 
• What is available to help you with your team and guest communications
• How to keep track of your data all in one spot

SESSION 6 - Fri, Nov 29th @ 9pm ET

How We Saved The Summer For A Rental Agency

It was noticed across the short-term rental industry that there was a major shift in rental bookings in 2019. Reservation patterns changed dramatically towards last minute or within a few weeks of check-in. This was a frightening situation for many owners and agencies and panic mode set in.

The Vacation Rental Formula Big Kahuna Team (Mike Bayer & Jason Beaton) was called into action for Heather Agency 2 weeks before high season was about to start...with a substantial number of weeks still available.

By September 1st the agency was slightly above revenue totals from the previous year. This is how we did it!

You will learn:
• The single most under utilized resource in your marketing arsenal 
• How to get started with Paid Traffic and win with a great ROI
• What you can do today to stop people leaving your booking page

• How to master the guest journey and understand how to get your traffic to book time and time again

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Important: This is free online training that is invaluable to your rental business. Every time the Vacation Rental Formula team get together—whether online or in person—the content shared makes seismic shifts in people’s businesses. Make sure you don’t miss it.

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