VRS043 – A Melting Pot of Complexity – Reinventing the Vacation Rental Industry with Richard Vaughton

My guest in this episode is a microbiologist turned vacation rental guru, or maybe just an everyday genius who made a career change that is benefiting hundreds of owners and agencies worldwide.

If you are a regular on the vacation rental LinkedIn groups you will have come across Richard Vaughton, who shares insightful views and opinions on many aspects of our business. As Managing Director of Discovery Holiday Homes, a UK based business, Richard brings his extensive expertise as both a vacation home owner and technical analyst. In short, he’s just a super-savvy guy that I’m honoured to speak with in this episode.

tweetRichard Vaughton from @DiscoveryRental talks with @Cottageguru about ‘Reinventing the #VacationRental Industry'

Richard talks about his entry into holiday rentals with the purchase of properties in the seafront location of Torquay in Devon – a popular tourist destination. Then, when he and his wife tired of ‘cleaning toilets and answering midnight calls’, they turned their attention to one of my favourite European spots, around Lake Como, in Italy. That was the beginning of a partnership that continues today, and has spawned myriad websites, and an agency business model that is unique in the flexibility it gives to both individual owners and small agencies.

Richard shares his thoughts on :

  • How the development of the major listing sites has impacted small VR businesses
  • The fragmentation of the vacation rental industry & how it has created ‘a melting pot of complexity’
  • The dilemma of 5 million micro-businesses and no standard model
  • Owners being local experts & the adaptation of social media
  • Breaking free of the big listing sites
  • How owners can work together to make a difference
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Links to the sites Richard mentions:

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Discovery Holiday Homes





Where you can find Richard: